Our Team

William A. Payne, CLU®, ChFC®, MSFS

Principal and Co-Founder

Bill Payne is a principal and co-founder of PRW Wealth Management LLC. His primary focus is advanced planning for high net worth individuals and families. This involves a fully integrated approach to managing, preserving, and distributing wealth in a tax-efficient manner. Read Bill’s entire bio.

Richard A. Renwick, CLU®, ChFC®, MSFS

Principal and Co-Founder

Rick Renwick is a principal and co-founder of PRW Wealth Management LLC, where it is our MISSION to provide CLARITY FOR YOUR PRESENT and to support your VISION FOR YOUR FUTURE. It is our belief that you are far more likely to accomplish all you desire if you and your advisors are walking forward in lockstep fashion supported by these two foundational pillars.…read Rick’s entire bio.

Elliot Herman, CFP®, CPA

Partner and Chief Investment Officer

Elliot is a Partner and Chief Investment Officer at PRW Wealth Management LLC. He oversees the firm’s wealth management practice, developing plans focused in the areas of wealth transfer, retirement, investment, tax, risk management, and estate planning.  He also is responsible for the development, implementation, and monitoring of customized investment plans for the Firm’s clients…read Elliot’s entire bio.

Christian C. Stone, CFP®

Senior Wealth Advisor

Chris is a Senior Wealth Advisor at PRW Wealth Management, LLC. He has over 14 years’ experience in wealth management, where his career has focused on serving the needs of successful individuals, families, endowments, and foundations. Chris works with clients to help manage their wealth responsibly, grow it tax-efficiently, and.…read Christian’s entire bio.

Janice A. Forgays, Esq., CLU®

Estate and Wealth Management Counsel

Janice is an attorney with over 25 years of assisting affluent clients and advisors on comprehensive, complex and effective wealth accumulation, conservation and transfer planning. Janice supports the work of other professional advisors in helping clients achieve their complex…read Janice’s entire bio.

Ted Dziuba, CLU®, ChFC®

Director – Advanced Planning

Ted Dziuba is Director of Advanced Planning at PRW Wealth Management LLC.  He joined PRW in 2008 to assist in the firm’s wealth transfer and estate planning endeavors.  As New Business/Underwriting Manager, Ted’s primary responsibilities include life insurance product research and case design…read Ted’s entire bio.

Gary A. Wentling

MBA, Director – Operations, Chief Financial Officer

Gary Wentling is the Director of Operations and Chief Financial Officer for PRW Wealth Management LLC.  His primary responsibility is managing the firm’s daily operations.  This includes workflow and project oversight, financial accounting, computer network administration, human resource administration, and team management. Read Gary’s entire bio.

Cheryl Mattar

Senior Client Service Specialist

Cheryl is a Senior Client Service Specialist at PRW Wealth Management LLC and has been with the firm for 15+ years. Her primary responsibilities include the processing of all investment business from inception to completion.  She is also responsible for all client-related service and support.…read Cheryl’s entire bio.

Cathy Dolphyn

Director of Client Services & CCO

Cathy is the Director of Client Services and Chief Compliance Officer with PRW Wealth Management, LLC.  She is responsible for enhancing the functional infrastructure (human capital, equipment, and technology) of PRW, enabling the team to continuously improve the delivery quality of our services and provide our clients a “Raving Fan” experience…read Cathy’s entire bio.

Kristin Perry

Executive Assistant

Kristin Perry is an Executive Assistant for PRW Wealth Management LLC. Her wide-ranging responsibilities include organizational, administrative, analytic, and technical support for the Wealth Strategy and Financial Planning Groups. She is responsible for licensing, assisting…read Kristin’s entire bio.

Niña Mortel

Operations Assistant

Niña Mortel is an Operations Assistant for the PRW Investment Team. Her primary responsibilities include financial accounting, bookkeeping, research and keeping internal databases up-to-date. Prior to joining PRW, Niña was a licensed Life & Health Insurance …read Niña’s entire bio.

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