• What if I didn’t have to navigate all the complexities of my financial life alone?
  • What if I had integrated wealth management to replace the fragmented advice I’m receiving now?
  • How can I be confident that I’ve successfully reduced risk so that my family’s dreams are realized?
  • Clarity for the Present icon Vision for the Future
  • Welcome to PRW Wealth Management

    The need for comprehensive, professional advice is critical in today’s complex and ever-changing world. For over 30 years, our mission at PRW Wealth Management has been to provide CLARITY FOR THE PRESENT and to support your VISION FOR THE FUTURE.

    Through our comprehensive planning process, we help clients prepare for and live comfortably in retirement, work through life/business transitions, meet the expectations of their boards and constituents, and efficiently transfer wealth to future generations.

    We seek to help you live your life with purpose and create new possibilities. As your partner on this journey, we take an active lead in coordinating with your other professional advisors to work collaboratively and thoughtfully on your behalf. Together, we can achieve great things.

    At PRW Wealth Management we will develop Clarity for the Present, which will lead to your Vision for the Future

    William A. Payne, CLU®, ChFC®, MSFS

    Principal and Co-Founder

    Elliot Herman, CFP®, CPA

    Partner, Chief Investment Officer

    Richard A. Renwick, CLU®, ChFC®, MSFS

    Principal and Co-Founder

    What We Do

    Clients receive solutions designed to provide more efficient use of their growing resources, improved overall net worth, a reduction in income and estate taxes and an increase in after-tax cash flow.


    A proprietary process for uncovering client needs and matching solutions. We call it Strategic Wealth Optimization Planning (SWOP).


    A rigorous, time-tested process integrating your desired outcomes with our experienced implementation. Investments suited for each individual situation.


    Protect wealth, pass assets to the next generations in a manner that minimizes estate, gifting and income taxes.

    Years in Business
    Client Advised Assets
    Dedicated Associates

    Discovery, Evaluation and Clear Implementation leads to a Strategic Wealth Optimization Plan for clients.

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    Consistently and expertly scan the investment marketplace to find opportunities suited for clients.

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    Utilize insurance for risk mitigation, asset preservation and to protect from the

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    Who We Help

    Those individuals who have acquired significant wealth and need to synthesize all they’ve accomplished in order to focus on a clear and desirable future.


    Acquiring significant wealth took time and focus. Growing and planning for the future will require an experienced partner.


    Years of experience partnering with leadership at Endowments, Foundations and Corporations to link spending policy to longer-term goals.


    A focus on growing the business has led to great success. Integrating business and personal finances takes expertise.

    The team at PRW stays available, nimble, and attentive, allowing us to anticipate client needs so clients can focus on the things that really matter to them.

    The goal is to offer clients more than a five-star experience each and every day. We do this by understanding our clients deeply – their family dynamics, how they have accumulated their money, the hopes and dreams they have for future generations, and to live the retirement they have always wanted and planned for throughout their working years. We care about what our client cares about. We create strategies and implement the tactics to meet the goals set forth by our clients. We don’t push, we don’t judge, and we don’t ignore what’s important. We work in partnership, staying one step ahead of what a client might care about or inquire about. Five-star service doesn’t begin to describe the attitude and responsiveness with which we operate.
    Clients first. Always. In everything.

    Articles + Commentary

    The market and economic conditions change constantly. We believe in continuous learning and in sharing our knowledge and expertise with our clients.


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