About Us

PRW Wealth Management, LLC has been delivering comprehensive, client-focused, and independent financial guidance for over 30 years.

Our mission is to help clients address the myriad of challenges & opportunities they face by providing them with three key tools:

          1. A clear understanding of their current reality and their financial goals

          2. A well-defined road-map for achieving those goals

          3. Ongoing advice to help adjust their road-map when their needs change

We work with individuals and families that have gained wealth through entrepreneurship, successful professional careers, or life transitions (business sale, divorce, and/or inheritance), and require well defined wealth management and risk mitigation solutions. Institutional clients include non-profit endowments and foundations whose assets are designed to last in perpetuity.

We have built a multi-disciplinary team of attorneys, investment professionals, and wealth transfer planning specialists focused on working in concert with our clients’ advisory teams to maximize the efficient design, delivery, and implementation of wealth management plans. Our intent is to quarterback the planning team, break down the silos, and work collaboratively to achieve improved outcomes.

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