Multi-generational Families

Multi-generational families have concerns ranging from legacy and tax planning, to family values and passing down of traditions and success metrics. PRW takes a generational approach to meet the needs of each and every family member and to understand and focus on their specific needs. During the process we serve a role of facilitator to raise concerns, improve dialogue and help families make important long-lasting decisions that are right for them. With multiple generations, things change all the time and PRW’s proactive approach allows for planning for the short and long-term needs of the family. The entire family is “known” to our firm and we work on the behalf of each and every individual to create a picture that benefits the whole.

Multi-generational wealth has been established, but clients often ask:

How do I bring the next generation and the generation after that into the picture early enough but not too soon?

What are the best options to mitigate taxes and preserve wealth over the generations?

How do we engage in values-based conversations to ensure original wealth is passed along in a meaningful manner?

The team at PRW stays available, nimble, and attentive to anticipating client needs, so that clients can focus on the things that really matter to them.

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