Investment Planning

You have accumulated a substantial balance sheet.  But more importantly, you have some meaningful objectives you want to see accomplished for you and your family in the years ahead.

By engaging in our Strategic Wealth Optimization Planning process, we will develop a comprehensive, integrated plan that fully supports all of your goals.  Our proprietary approach of Discovery, Evaluation, and Clear Implementation culminates in a customized Strategic Wealth Optimized Plan (SWOP). Clients rest easy knowing each piece of their financial picture is integrated into the whole, and their wealth management team understands and manages each aspect, often working with outside advisors to do so. Clients receive sophisticated, thoughtful, and personalized options to choose from, and PRW works collaboratively to implement these ideas.  Your plan will not only be highly effective, but it will also be incredibly tax-efficient by marrying the right assets to the right strategies and structures.

Wealth Management is about so much more than the decision to allocate to stocks, bonds, alternatives and cash. We look forward to working with you and your other advisors to build your Vision for the Future.

Customized Investment Strategies

Managed Portfolios

Separately Managed Accounts

Tax- managed/concentrated position strategies

Alternative Investments

Private Equity

Private REITs


Hedge Funds


The market and economic conditions change constantly. We believe in continuous learning and in sharing our knowledge and expertise with our clients.


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