Investment Philosophy

We believe that successful investment management mandates a clear understanding of what our clients wish to accomplish. Our core responsibility is to build and manage their portfolio to navigate risk and return prudently. Effective, consistent communication with our clients ensures their clear understanding of where their money is invested and how their portfolio’s success will enable them to achieve their long-term financial objectives.

Diversification is the key to our investment approach. Portfolios are built with passive, low‐cost investment options complemented by carefully vetted active managers. Blended, our goal is to create risk-controlled portfolios across a spectrum of opportunities, matching risk and reward. The investment management process is ongoing and supported by a dedicated and experienced in-house team and supplemented with input from outside investment consultants, including Envestnet PMC and other large institutions.

Capital market assumptions are used to determine asset allocation percentage decisions. Portfolios will be rebalanced to the percentages as warranted. Taxable portfolios are given special attention to minimize tax consequences.

The investment team meets weekly and holds monthly investment committee meetings. Due diligence is paramount to our efforts. We endeavor to minimize fees in the context of achieving our overall investment mandate.  Managers may be hired or fired during the year based on a series of quantitative and qualitative reviews ongoing in our process.

We engage not only traditional equity and fixed income managers but also alternative investment strategies, including hedged investments and private investments.  These can provide additional diversification through non‐correlation to client portfolios. In the end, we seek to smooth the ride as investing comes with many ups and downs that are out of our control.  We aim to help you keep more of what you earn by focusing on tax-efficient investing and an eye towards minimizing the overall investment costs of our portfolios. 

Key Tenets Of Our Philosophy

Well-diversified, risk-controlled portfolios should be created to meet the client’s specific situation and objectives.

Passive (indexed) and actively managed investment strategies can work together to produce optimal portfolio results. Markets are highly, but not totally efficient; skilled managers can and do add value.

An open architecture approach allows us to engage managers with non-correlated specialties, flexible mandates, and maneuverability in challenging markets.

We believe in developing a plan with our clients and having the conviction to adhere to it, while being adaptable and willing to modify course as circumstances warrant.

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