Endowments and Foundations must strike the crucial balance between providing an adequate, reliable cash flow and planning for long-term performance to support future endeavors. PRW seeks to build investment plans in concert with leadership to link spending policy and longer-term goals to best meet the needs of all constituents.

We help institutions address the many aspects of prudent investing, which include asset allocation, manager selection, risk management, reporting, and spending policy. Our focus has traditionally been on plans ranging in size from $5 million to $50 million. We can bring best practices to this under-served market using institutional partners and our in-house expertise.

Working collaboratively with each client, we will create a well-defined investment policy which lays out the following:

Investor circumstances


Time horizon

Risk tolerance

Asset allocation

Portfolio return expectations and volatility

Investment monitoring and control procedures

Duties and responsibilities


In addition to providing corporate-owned and sponsored executive life insurance programs, we assist our corporate clients in prudently managing their fiduciary responsibilities by providing them with a unique set of resources to oversee portfolio design, investment research, and monitoring of defined benefit and defined contribution retirement programs.

The team at PRW stays available, nimble, and attentive to anticipating client needs, so that clients can focus on the things that really matter to them.

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