Wealth Preservation & Transfer

Our “listen first, then educate” approach ensures each client and advisor gains a thorough understanding of their unique situation. We work closely with your estate planning attorney and CPA to collaborate on a fully integrated wealth preservation/transfer plan. Often times, these plans benefit from the use of life insurance because of its unique tax attributes.

Ongoing insurance portfolio management and policy servicing is every bit as important as the initial portfolio construction, and it is a core component of our relationship with each client who incorporates life insurance into their plan.

Using life insurance as an estate preservation/wealth transfer strategy, we help our clients protect their wealth and pass on their assets to the next generation in a manner that minimizes estate, gift, and income taxes.

Our Wealth Preservation and planning process enables our clients to make adjustments due to change in estate and gift tax laws, policy crediting rates, interest rates and mortality rates, and to take advantage of any product improvements. Such management is crucial to ensuring that the client’s insurance plays its desired role in the overall estate plan.

Our independent access to best-in-class insurance carriers and products, and strategic underwriting expertise allows us to formulate wealth preservation/transfer strategies that benefit our clients in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

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