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Leveraging an IRA to Build a Legacy

Individuals with IRA accounts can reduce the potential impact of estate taxes and “income in respect of a decedent” (IRD) taxes at death, and thereby enhance their legacies, with careful planning.  The following piece presents options for individuals with IRAs to maximize their charitable legacy and increase the inheritance to their children and grandchildren. Leveraging an IRA to Build a …

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Elliot Herman cited in Article on Investing

February 2014

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Elliot Herman Critiques 7 Hip-Hop Financial Lessons for

In this list titled, “Mo Money, Mo Problems? 7 Hip Hop Financial Lessons,” Elliot Herman discusses 50 Cent and Slim Thug.

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Get off the Sidelines and Start Investing Again

Elliot Herman cited in a Article on Investing – April 2013

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