Business Owners

Business owners want the ability to give full attention to their businesses, and often personal financial decisions get pushed to the side. Looking at the overall picture and understanding how short-term business decisions can affect long-term personal financial goals is critical. When an owner considers selling the business, PRW is there to help navigate offers and understand the complexity of tax implications and purchase agreements. PRW partners with business owner clients to help them combine their financial goals and objectives into one streamlined picture. This takes away the worry of “what am I missing?”

Business owners often ask

Are the decisions I’m making now adding value to the business or detracting from longer-term value?

How do I incorporate family needs into business decisions in the short term?

When is the right time to sell and how best would I negotiate the sale of my business?

Will taxes diminish the value I have built in the business?

The team at PRW stays available, nimble, and attentive which allow us to anticipate client needs so clients can focus on the things that really matter to them.

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